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Self-Guided Fishing Packages

$350 pp/per day
includes lodging, boat, fuel, gear & meals

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Self-Guided fishing in Alaska has quickly become the new, hot ticket item for fisherman that visit this great state.  With endless possibilities for accommodations, there seems to be a steady supply of "in town hotels" promoting remote wilderness lodge experiences.  When the reality is that most are located within a city limits or on an interior road system where you have to travel daily to get to prime fishing grounds.   At Ravencroft, our truly remote location and easy do-it-yourself salmon and halibut fishing, keeps clients coming back year after year for fishing that literally starts at our dock.   Join us at Ravencroft and fill your freezer with salmon, rockfish and halibut!  You'll quickly see why we're the best self guided fishing destination in Alaska!


Fight the fish, not the crowds!
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Self-Guided Fishing in Alaska

Our Self-Guided fishing packages are less expensive than our Guided packages and designed for people with some fishing experience.  Be your own guide, on your own schedule and quickly become an expert with fishing grounds within site of this vacation lodge.  The lodge provides an informative training/orientation which covers the operation of the particular fishing boat to be used, as well as all peripheral gear, safety equipment & radios, and safety procedures.  Also included are discussions of the area's geography, weather, fishing hotspots, fishing methods, which can be as detailed as you request.  Since the lodge is located in protected water in Prince William Sound, guests will be pleasantly surprised at the relative calm waters that surround the lodge.  There are no swells to contend with and guests usually refer to Port Fidalgo as, "the lake".  On most days the waters are flat and extremely enjoyable to fish on!  On our worst weather days you can expect 2-3 footers, making this fishing package a self-guided fisherman's dream.
Although we are remote, even by other lodge standards, location is key for folks that don't want to battle the crowds or wait your turn for to slip your boat into the "fishing hole".  There are no roads to this lodge and we are completely off the grid.  But because of where we are, fishing pressure is extremely low and most groups will not encounter another soul while in Port Fidalgo.
Alaska salmon self guided fishing Self-Guided Alaska salmon packages Monster halibut fishing in Alaska
Self guided family fishing in alaska Alaska yellow eye rockfish alaska fishing group travelling in prince william sound
There are several species of fish that are available for self-guided fisherman that are found within a short distance from the lodge.  Bottom fish such as Halibut, Lingcod and Rockfish populate both north and south shores of Port Fidalgo.  You'll find massive schools of migrating salmon throughout the sound, trying to spawn in every freshwater creek that inhabits the Sound.  But what we sets us apart from other fishing destinations is our Silver/Coho Salmon run that's literally 5 minutes from the lodge!  These are massive brutes that fight harder then any other species of salmon, with aerial battles not uncommon before landing a fish.  There are two types of fishing styles for these fish, with one a more open ocean style of fishing that includes "jigging" with fresh bait.  The second is later in the season that is done inside the cove and more of a cast and catch approach of fishing style.  Smaller, light and bright lures work best here.  But both are equally as fun and can even turn the most quiet and reserved outdoorsman, into whooping and hollering fish catching machines!

Arrive in the evening the first day and only pay our overnight rate $150 pp
Lodging and dinner included and gets you ready to fish the next morning.

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filleting salmon on self guided tour lifting a huge halibut onto the fillet table in alaska expert fishing in alaska with monster halibut

Sample Trip Itinerary (based on a 7 day/6 night package)
**Check in is no sooner then 1pm and check out is by 10am, please plan your travel accordingly.

- Travel to Valdez and meet with your water-taxi transportation charter at the harbor or fly into Cordova and take a floatplane to the lodge.  Once we arrive at the lodge, you'll help get you settled into your room or rooms.  Then we'll have you join us in the dining hall for dinner and a quick orientation.  Your then free to explore the lodge and surrounding area before heading off to your room for the first night.

- Start your day off with a hearty breakfast, while the lodge staff prepares one of our 18' boats with tackle, bait and fuel.  We'll get you started in the right direction for nearby fishing holes or just stay with in sight of the lodge.  You may encounter bears cruising the coast lines, migrating whales and floating sea-otters.  Remember to close your day down allowing enough time to head back to the lodge in time for you to freshen up just before dinner.  Once at the lodge, our staff will assist you in hanging your catch for any pictures that you may want.  We will then assist in showing you where the fish processing table/freezers are located and how the vacuum seal equipment works.

- Spend another great day of fishing or hike one of the trails among the 200+ acres that the lodge is located on. There are some breathtaking views that can be found just above the lodge!

Tuesday - Another great day of fishing or exploring!

Wednesday - Another great day of fishing or exploring!

Thursday - On the last day, most folks have filled their fish boxes by now and are more then satisfied with what they will be taking home.  You can continue fishing/exploring from your 18' boats, go for a hike or take a add-on trip to Columbia Glacier on a Heli-Tour!  This trip can also be arranged anytime during your stay at the lodge.  Columbia Glacier is the second largest tidewater glacier in Prince William Sound.  This is wonderful experience to be had by all.

Friday - After breakfast, we'll get gear, luggage and fish boxed up and ready for a 9-10am departure from the lodge.  This allows enough time for any unforeseen weather and gives guests a chance to explore Valdez gift shops before departing on your flight.  (Floatplanes will follow the same schedule, but the only floatplane service is from Cordova, AK or Anchorage, AK.  Please remember that floatplanes have a strict weight limit and you may have to charter a second plane for any extra fish boxes).

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Best way to get here?

There are several different options for groups to get to the lodge.  But the best, fastest and cheapest way is to travel to Cordova, Alaska and then hop on a floatplane to the lodge.  Most folks can leave early in the morning from their home state and be at the lodge in the evening.  The floatplane takes about 20-25 minutes travel time to get to the lodge.  Costs depend on your group size but typically run $100-$160 per person for a one way flight.  Ask us more and we'll help reserve your in flight transportation. alaska bush floatplane in prince william sound

On-site Fish Processing

filleting salmon in alaska vacuum sealing salmon vacuum sealed salmon bags

Self-Guided Packages Include the Following:
Comfortable, heated bedrooms - double occupancy rooms with two single beds.
Bathrooms & hot showers - accessed from the covered porch which surrounds the sleeping quarters building.
Meals - three meals per day. Breakfast and dinner served in the lodge dining room, with a sack lunch on the boat or back at the lodge.
Fishing boats - Fuel and are equipped with all Coast-Guard required safety equipment.
Fishing rods/reels - spinning rods for Salmon & deep-water rods for Halibut & various other bottom fish.  One bag of herring is given each day per boat.  One tackle box of "proven and effective" lures provided on each boat, lost lures can be replaced by purchasing additional fishing tackle at lodge.
One heavy-duty fish-box, which holds #50 pounds of cleaned, frozen fish (additional boxes, if requested, are for sale at the lodge)
Daily checking and re-fueling of your fishing boat by lodge staff
Lodge staff assistance in helping you package your catch, and place into lodge freezers. (we assist you, we do not perform the task for self-guided guests)
Vacuum Sealing and all vacuum bags
Satellite T.V.
Limited Internet

Self-Guided Packages Do Not Include:
aswal Water-taxi or float-plane transportation costs
(We will help with arrangements but guests pay for this separately)
aswal Extra bait and lures - Available for sale at the lodge
aswal Fishing License and Gratuities
aswal Alcohol
aswal Other personal expenses due to weather or delays in flights.

The weather and what to bring:

Alaskan weather is unpredictable and can change hourly.  Summer temperatures range from the mid-60's to the low 70's.  Rain and showers are frequent in the during these months.  Even on the sunniest days of summer, the temperature may feel cool.  Layered clothes is a good idea, and you will find that long sleeve shirts feel good on most days.  A light jacket will probably come in handy.  Good rain gear is a must, along with warm head gear. Good rubber soled shoes, or rubber boots.  Be sure to bring a camera, flashlight, binoculars and your personal items.  (Fly fisherman are welcome to bring their favorite fly rod for some extreme fighting action)

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