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Ravencroft History

                      Landing craft in Alaska

Hodgin family history creating an Alaskan Lodge

The Hodgin family has been hard at work carving this remote lodge out of the rugged Alaskan wilderness for over a decade.  There have been many improvements throughout the years from that overgrown area, that the lodge now resides on.  Since there are no roads to the property, everything has been brought over via water-taxi, on many large landing crafts and smaller vessels.  Rod and Laura first visited the property by hiring a water-taxi out of Valdez.  When arriving at the property, they asked their captain to nudge his boat to the rocky out cropping, during high tide. Little did they know this is where they would erect the lodge dock.  They both jumped ashore, pushing thick alder brush and devils club aside. Rod fired up the chainsaw and Laura was in tow with a shotgun for bear protection!  Then the work started. His son Boone would later join him the following trip to start the first cabin construction projects.

Many buildings have been constructed since then and the lodge has seen many happy guests come and go.   Boone, with his wife Gina, now operate Ravencroft.  They continue to build and expand this "labor of love" and add to the adventurous storyline of running a remote Alaskan lodge.

The pictures below represent many days of hard work, dedication and Alaskan spirit needed to build in a remote area such as Prince William Sound. 

 Lodge Construction

Hydro Electric Construction

Dock Construction

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