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gina and boone hodgin        rod and laura hodgin   

Gina Koenig and Boone HodginCaptain Daniel Boone Hodgin, who goes by his middle name, has been catching fish since he could walk.  He's been referred to by guests as the "fish whisperer", for his uncanny ability to locate stubborn fish.  His father, Rod started teaching him fishing tactics at a young age on frequent family visits to Alaska throughout his early adolescent years.  Boone first came to the lodge property on many "scouting" missions from the (lower 48) before any structures were built.  But not much building was done then, just hours of fishing and exploring the coast lines of Prince William Sound with his father, mother and 2 older brothers. 

Since those earlier days, Boone has spent countless days finding the hot spots and best locations that only a local learns about from trial and error.  When he doesn't have a fishing pole in his hands, you'll find him holding a camera.  From the very beginning stages of the lodge, photography and videography have always captured his attention, whether out at sea or hiking the lodge grounds.  Boone considers himself an avid outdoor enthusiast and has become well-versed with the animal migrations surrounding the lodge, allowing him to fine tune his videography skills.  He also enjoys sharing his unique experiences with each guest and can often be found telling stories about his many adventures to date.  From the Arctic of Alaska to Papua New Guinea, where his other business ventures sometimes take him.  He holds a 100 ton USCG Master Captains license and both him and his wife are trained in CPR/First Aid.

He met his wife Gina in Montana, while growing up in the big sky state.  She graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelors in biology.  First travelling abroad to South America to study primates before heading north to help build, manage and conduct guided eco-tours for the lodge.  Since being published on her work with Spider Monkey's in SA, she's now begun to study and observe the little known Salmon Shark that migrates to the lodges front door each summer.  She helps conduct research and play liaison to film and documentary companies that frequent the lodge.  She also shares her husbands passion for photography, always looking for a great shot of wildlife!  Gina hails from a family of school teachers and pulls from this background, applying her sociable ability to teach and educate others of the local ecology, when guests visit the lodge.  With a wealth of knowledge of Alaskan marine and land dwelling animals, she's quickly become an integral part of the Ravencroft experience!  Along with following her outdoor passion, she also assists in management and running day to day operations of the lodge.

Both Gina and Boone consider themselves adventurous outdoors people.  Always continuing to explore and share in giving guests a true Alaskan experience!

Recently, they've added to their family with the birth of their son, Boyd Hodgin.  He was born premature at 23 weeks in 2013, spending his first 6 months at a local NICU childrens hospital.  His chances for survival started out slim, but he apparently didn't know that!  He baffled doctors at every turn, beating the odds!  He's since then been released as a very heathly and happy child, even coming out on a tv show for TLC, documenting his time at the NICU.

Laura and Rod Hodgin

Rod Hodgin would tell you that he sees himself as an ‘adventurer’ – who was lucky enough to find in Laura a life-mate who has patiently tolerated his pursuit of dreams that many might have written off as un-attainable.

Fresh out of college, and with a degree in Wildlife Biology, Rod dreamed that he could someday operate a fishing lodge. Then the usual realities intervened – marriage, career, family and other more pressing life-issues.  He spent more than 30 years as an independent contractor on oil & gas exploration projects, scattered all over North America and a few overseas.  Periodic hunting and fishing excursions to Alaska, Canada and Africa down through the years, kept the dream alive.  In 2001 Rod and Laura found themselves in Alaska, managing yet another seismic project.  In the spring of 2002, when that work drew to a close, they discussed whether or not this was the time to take up that life-long dream again, and start a lodge business on beach-front wilderness property they had been fortunate enough to acquire in a remote area of Prince William Sound, years earlier.  They decided that it was ‘now or never’, and thus their last big adventure was set into motion.

They quickly learned that being 40 miles by water from the nearest town, and far from the nearest roads, power grids, utility systems and other aspects of civilization, increases the level of difficulty as well as the cost, of every undertaking.  But this was a much-anticipated adventure, and they ploughed ahead, spending the next few years carving a full-service remote adventure lodge out of the Alaskan wilderness with their youngest son Boone, partnering on the endeavor from its inception.  Their two other sons – Joe and Alex, would spend as much time as they could spare, helping with construction projects when time allowed them to visit the lodge.  Joe would pursue oil and gas exploration, while Alex would become a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  

The story of how they started with a dream and turned it into reality is a long story - too long to be told herein, but is one often repeated around the fireplace at Ravencroft.  Rod & Laura will tell you that it has been a fantastic pioneering experience, one which is no longer available to most folks in this day and age.  The Hodgins know they are both lucky and blessed, to have had this opportunity – and they feel it is their biggest and best adventure, as well as their most satisfying achievement, in their lives together.  Through careful planning, and sometimes by trail & error, they built Ravencroft Lodge.  Complete with indoor plumbing throughout, a stand-alone electrical power system that includes a state-of-the art hydro-electric generating system with diesel back-up and an ocean-front pier for easy access by boat and/or floatplane.  All designed and built to withstand Alaska’s harsh winter storms.

Ravencroft Lodge, from a construction and management point of view – has been and continues to be – a work in progress.  The learning-curve for making a truely remote lodge concept work has often been a struggle, both physically as well as fiscally.  Planning meals out a month in advance for large groups of guests, when grocery shopping entails a 40-mile boat-trip to Valdez and a 300-mile road-trip to Anchorage, each way – means that careful planning is a must.  Yet Laura makes it look simple, and has become an accomplished chef along the way.  Rod has become a jack-of-all-trades and likes to say he runs the Ravencroft planning dept, utilities dept, streets dept and port & shipping authority, as well as the building & maintenance department.  But he mostly enjoys sharing coffee and a story or two with guests at the main lodge.

 They like to tell friends that they went as far into the Alaskan wilderness as they could get – because when you continue past Ravencroft Lodge, you start coming out the other side.

 As a remote lodge, Ravencroft is unique.  Guests enjoy many amenities not found at other remote Alaska lodges.  And last but not least, the scenery and the wildlife, as well as the fishing and hunting, are world-class.  Making the memories of building such a lodge extremely rewarding.



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